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A Birthday Crochet Necklace

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outfit of bugundy skirt, blue shirt and crochet necklace

the birthday girl

I have this person in my life. She is a best friend, a flatmate, a life coach. It was this wonderful person’s birthday recently and I had been thinking for a while about the perfect present to get her.

Not being the wealthiest person around, I decided to go for the homemade. Taking inspiration from a jewellery collection we’d admired together by Sur Les Toits de Paris, I decided to take my newly developed crochet skills to the next level and try my hand at DIY jewellery making.

Next I found myself on the great DIY jewellery blog; Thanks, I Made It. I love Erin’s creativity and helpful tutorials and found her crochet necklaces a great help and inspiration:

Beautiful Crochet Necklace by Erin at Thanks, I Made It

Beautiful Crochet Necklace by Erin at Thanks, I Made It

So, inspired, I rushed around Paris looking for my supplies. I was especially drawn to some coloured cord and had a little play around with it, crocheting it to the chain along with some cotton:

The day before her birthday sprung upon me and I still hadn’t completed a necklace. I really loved the turquoise and orange coloured cord but I was worried they would not be quite to her taste. I went for one last nosey around the bead shop where I had a bolt of inspiration so I rushed home, picked up my crochet hook and crafted like crazy to finish the new necklace in time.

I was super pleased with the result and presented it over birthday breakfast the next morning, where it went down a storm. We both love the contrasting textures of the cord, wool and metal, and the navy and black will fit perfectly with her chic style.


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  1. Caroline Guenther

    Nancy this is amazing! you should sell these! also Elinor is goes great with your American colored outfit! Love it!

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