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I have been absent for a while on here and though I am far from taking myself or my blog so seriously as to think you would be terribly missing a post, I do think an apology is in order.

So sorry. And apologies in advance for any further delay but I’m a bit distracted, as I’m sure you are, because it’s…


I am in Yorkshire for Christmas and the main feature of returning home, especially at Christmas, is food!

Days home: 5

Mince Pie Tally: 9.5

(3 were eaten previously in Paris. 0.5 was a particularly small one I was offered at the hairdresser. The rule is you can’t decline a mince pie when it’s proposed.)

Scone with jam and cream

high tea and a scone

Home also means catching up with old friends, and what better way than over a cuppa and a scone?

Again with the food.

This photo shows less than half the gigantic scone I ate soon before I gave up.

And as a Christmas treat; a blurry pic of our tree!

Christmas tree

A (slightly lopsided, top heavy) (im)perfect tree

Merry Christmas, see you in a little bit. I’m off to for a bite to eat…


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