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Visitors welcome: family and friends in Paris

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In French a cliché means:
1. (printing) A stereoplate or stereotype. 
2. (photography) A negative. A snapshot.
3. Something that is overused so that its original meaning is lost. 

Cliche photos of Eiffel Tower and negatives

On your day of arrival you complained
about the UHT milk in your tea.
Our first job was to find some fresh
so it didn’t taste all sweet and funky.

After a stroll to show you round the quartier,
tired and hungry we found a café
at place Voltaire where the croque monsieur
was cheap and delish, and came with chips.

That night we hung out chez des amis
and I laughed as you both sank into the drink.
More followed at the bar, la Laverie,
but some crepes helped take off the edge before bed.

Plans must be stuck to and my walking tour
was scheduled the next morning: join the group.
But you fell asleep twice! Did I bore you?
Or is it just not the best hangover cure?

We saw the Eiffel tower, image reversed,
in the background of a pouting selfie.
Snapped just at the right time at dusk,
first it burns orange then magic! Eek it’s all sparkly!

Before your train I took you to that white thing on the hill
and we mimicked the models from fashion week.
We strutted down the streets of the butte of Montmartre.
Wait, is that Chloe Delav..? No. Not quite as chic.

Kept our eyes peeled for any boulangerie,
peering in the windows to see if they had
almond macaroons like you get at home
in England. In Patisserie Valerie.

The stay was short, my eyes tear up when you leave me.
I’m tired though from the sightseeing, the touristing.
But it was fun, I enjoyed helping you see
The postcard perfect view of Paris.


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