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Petit Palais

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Petit Palais

Gallery in the Petit Palais. Wonky photography courtesy of yours truly on my mobile.

When you live in a tourist-centred city it is easy to miss out on much that city has to offer.  “I can always do that another time” is the best friend of laziness.

Becoming a tour guide has really made me examine Paris through new, fresh eyes and I wish I had done so much more in the nearly 3 years that I have lived here.

Having friends to visit helps to rectify this though. Last month we had a visitor over from ‘le Yorkshire’ and she and I decided to check out the Georges Braque exhibition at the Grand Palais.

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A Birthday Crochet Necklace

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outfit of bugundy skirt, blue shirt and crochet necklace

the birthday girl

I have this person in my life. She is a best friend, a flatmate, a life coach. It was this wonderful person’s birthday recently and I had been thinking for a while about the perfect present to get her. (more…)