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Reflections on Frances Ha and Bridesmaids

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Coloured Crochet

A snippet of the crochet I’m working on

September 10th. Yesterday it rained. All day. I left the flat once to go to the shop for dinner supplies (if you are desperate to know the minutiae of my life, I bought lardons for a risotto, milk for yoghurt making, and chocolate chip cookies.) Apart from that I hid myself from the weather change and had a productive house day.

In the evening I settled down with an ongoing crochet project and sometimes I find it necessary to either listen to the radio or watch a film whilst I crochet. I do find the repetitive stitching to be very relaxing but at times it can get quite tedious.

As my eyes would have to be quite often focused on the project at hand, I chose a film I had already seen a few times: Bridesmaids.

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