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A trip to Fontainebleau: Château et Forêt.

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A wonderful friend came to Paris for a weekend visit recently. I met him off the Eurostar, my grin mirroring his. He has the best smile in the world, it’s official. Whenever I am around him we don’t stop laughing and smiling, after 3 days my cheeks were slightly painful.

This being his third trip to Paris we decided to go further afield and take a day out of the bustling city to visit Fontainebleau, a town famous for its château and the forest that surrounds it. We did a little research before we went (of course) and soon found out that it had been a home to the kings throughout the ages. Subsequently we became suitably entwined in a wikipedia frenzy of trying to figure out who all these monarchs and nobles were and when they were and…ok, there is no other thing to figure out. Maybe why they were? But that’s another post.

So we departed from the Gare de Lyon on a Transilien train, catching a bus from Fontainebleau station to the château. We popped into the tourist information office to get a couple of maps and some advice, then headed to the grand palace. After getting our tickets (free for my under 26 year old friend, €11 for me) we managed to trip up at the first hurdle and lost our way to the museum, finding ourselves in the magnificent gardens (which are free entry for everyone. Yay!) Read the rest of this entry


Reflections on Frances Ha and Bridesmaids

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Coloured Crochet

A snippet of the crochet I’m working on

September 10th. Yesterday it rained. All day. I left the flat once to go to the shop for dinner supplies (if you are desperate to know the minutiae of my life, I bought lardons for a risotto, milk for yoghurt making, and chocolate chip cookies.) Apart from that I hid myself from the weather change and had a productive house day.

In the evening I settled down with an ongoing crochet project and sometimes I find it necessary to either listen to the radio or watch a film whilst I crochet. I do find the repetitive stitching to be very relaxing but at times it can get quite tedious.

As my eyes would have to be quite often focused on the project at hand, I chose a film I had already seen a few times: Bridesmaids.

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A Birthday Crochet Necklace

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outfit of bugundy skirt, blue shirt and crochet necklace

the birthday girl

I have this person in my life. She is a best friend, a flatmate, a life coach. It was this wonderful person’s birthday recently and I had been thinking for a while about the perfect present to get her. (more…)

Salope; verbal harassment.

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S-A-L-O-P-E, noun f: (vulgarpejorativeslut; whorebitch

She had been keeping an eye on the screen of her phone, pressing the top button to check the time. 1.20am. 1.28am. 1.43am. Shit! It’s gone. She has surely missed the last train from Place de Clichy, if not it’s too late now to make the connection at Saint Lazare. Looking around the room at the temporary friends, enjoying their Cinco de Mayo party (or what is left of it) she feels a sudden weariness.

She knows that she could rally, maybe even pull an all-nighter, but right now she’d rather just head back to her apartment in the 11th. The tired young English woman gulps the last of her virgin margherita and begins her goodbye tour of the soirée; la bise on both cheeks for the French, hugs for the Americans. Read the rest of this entry

A welcome post- Jour de Fête review

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A welcome post- Jour de Fête review


Hello there,

Welcome to the first ever post on Spell It Out Loud! I wasn’t sure what to write about for my first post as I envisage this blog as being a bit of a pick and mix.  There will be the light, fluffy marshmallow posts – fun reviews of films/music/restaurants; the chewy, heavier toffee – articles about issues that affect me or just plain rile me; and the fizzy, fruity laces – creative pieces of fiction spiralling out of my brain getting tangled with all the other sweets.

So, what to eat on an empty stomach? Well taking this candy metaphor and stretching it to its limit- I’m going to take my bag of marshmallows and pop to the cinema. See you after the film! Read the rest of this entry