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To be read with alacrity

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n. brisk and cheerful readiness.

My new word today is one that I have read many times before, but would never have been able to give the precise definition of. When I check “alacrity” on my trusty kindle I find it is buried in there 23 times. 23 times! I have that sinking feeling; how can I not know exactly what this word means? Apparently I have read it in:

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Think of a word beginning with G…

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Verb, int. 1. lower one’s body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect. 2. (fig) show deference or servility.

I am trying, really trying, to not beat myself up over the fact that I have reached the age of 26 and didn’t know the word genuflect. I embrace certain gaps in my knowledge, seeing them as opportunities to learn something new and to question my previous beliefs. Vocabulary, however, seems different to me. It’s like the word is jeering at me, an affront to my choice of reading matter over the years.

I learnt the word genuflect this summer whilst reading in a garden in the south-west of France. I can’t now remember what I was reading at the time but a quick search on my kindle reveals this: Read the rest of this entry